My Top 5 Make Up For Ever Must Haves

Y’all know I love me my Make Up For Ever. It’s known for its topnotch quality, that’s why pro makeup artists and makeup junkies all over the world are obsessed with it.

I’ve been using it ever since I first studied makeup way back 2007, so I was over the moon when they asked me to be an Affiliate/Brand Ambassador last 2014. I took on the challenge of being the National Education Manager of the brand a year after (and now back as Affiliate), so I was greatly immersed in both the scientific and artistic sides of the products.

A lot of girls though have mentioned to me that they’re intimidated with Make Up For Ever, thinking that it’s mostly for pros. A lot are also overwhelmed with the choice of shades and products. I can’t blame them, they literally have over a thousand to choose from! So to help you all out, here are my top 5 picks from the brand’s vast collection. You can start with these. I’m throwing in extra tips for the pros too. Share this to those who you think needs it!




MUFE has 11 (!!!) types of primers depending on your skin concern, but the Smoothing one is your best bet to make your skin smooth as a baby’s bum before applying foundation. Makes the makeup last longer, too!

PRO TIP: If you’re dealing with a subject with combination skin, put the Mattifying Primer on the T-zone, and Smoothing or Hydrating Primer on the rest of the face.



It’s not called the Holy Grail of foundations for nothing. It gives medium (but buildable) coverage perfect for everyday and special events. If you have the right shade (you have a whopping 40 shades to choose from so ask the help of the in-store artist), it looks exactly just like your skin, only more evened out and glowing. It’s the ultimate “my skin but better” foundation!  

PRO TIP: You obviously don’t need to buy all shades, but if you’re a pro in the Philippines, you’re good to go with these 5 shades in your kit: Y245, Y315, Y365, Y405, Y505.



I know, I know, this famous white powder has gotten a lot of flak over the years, what with all the red carpet photos circulating online with ghastly white flashbacks on actresses’ faces. But really, I think it’s more of a misuse than the fault of the product.

You only need to put a THIN veil of it to set your face, and I don’t suggest baking your undereyes with it. Done correctly, the result should be a fresh, semi-matte face that can withstand sweat and humidity.

PRO TIP: Make Up For Ever has just released a pressed, yellow version of this. Think Ben Nye Banana powder in a compact form. Perfect, right? It’s definitely a good addition to your kit.



I’ve been using this eyebrow gel for a solid 10 years already, and I don’t see myself shifting anytime soon. Why do I love it so much? It’s highly pigmented, so a little goes a loooong way.

It gives a soft but still defined finish. And it’s absolutely waterproof, so you can apply it in the morning and it’s still intact come night time. Heck, it was formulated for synchronized swimmers, so you can go swimming with it!

PRO TIP: If you have a bit left in your palette that has dried up but want to use still, mix a bit of moisturizer or Aqua Seal in your Aqua Brow to revive it and add slip again. No product wasted!



This was my first ever eyeliner as a pro (when it was just Aqua), and is a constant in my kit. Make Up For Ever has reformulated it to Aqua XL, and it now glides like a dream (no tugging!) but still as waterproof as ever once it sets on your eyes. I have oily eyelids and liners tend to smudge after a few hours if it’s not waterproof, so this is heaven sent.

PRO TIP: Best for tightlining! Also, for extra staying power, powder eye area very well before applying eyeliner.


I’ll be sure to release another batch of Make Up For Ever favorites, so just stay tuned for more of my personally curated picks here on my blog. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding MUFE or better yet, sign up for my upcoming workshops for a more thorough intro to the world of MUFE and beginner’s makeup. :)

AND!!! Make Up For Ever has just launched its online shop. Finally! You can now shop at the comfort of your own home. Go to to check it out. 

Use the code 1ST9920OFF to get 20% OFF on ALL PRODUCTS! I repeat, 1ST9920OFF! I was just told there are still slots left. Happy shopping!!! :)