Confessions, Compromises, and Comfort Zones

I have a love-hate relationship with social media.

I love it for making my job as a makeup artist so much easier--to showcase my work, to connect me to friends, family, clients, and students, to share what I know, and to be updated with everything makeup and beauty.

Sounds eazy breezy, right? Not exactly.


Lately, I hate it for giving me this constant feeling of drowning in a barrage of self-promotion of viral videos and selfies that have been smoothened and Facetuned to poreless perfection. Instead of asking “How can I come up with a better service or product?”, the more important question now has become, “How can I have more followers/likes/hits?” And don’t get me started on “influencers.” Hearing that word never fails to make me cringe.

This is not to say that I don’t have respect for those who call themselves as “influencers,” especially those who are actually successful in the business of influencing. I’m well aware that it takes a lot of hard work (and guts!) to expose yourself in that way and constantly fight tooth and nail to stay relevant in an already overcrowded beauty and fashion industry. I guess it just has never come naturally for me to be constantly documenting my life and my work for social media consumption.  And this is why not a week goes by where I don’t dream of completely unplugging from the superficiality of it all and just be a hippie yoga teacher in El Nido. Hashtag livenomad, hashtag yogaeverydamnday.

But here’s the thing: there’s really no escaping social media. It then made me think--how do I reach a compromise? How do I maintain and grow a relevant online presence without getting tired of myself or letting go of my values? And I realized, the only way I can do this is instead of asking “How do I become insta-famous?”, I should be asking, “How can I help?” By shifting the focus from me, me, me to others, it becomes much more motivating and less eye roll and vomit inducing to stay in this online world.

So, I’m here to stay and here to help.

I’m starting out by revamping my website, making it simpler and easier to navigate and see if what I have to offer will suit your beauty and makeup needs. You’ll see mostly my bridal makeup portfolio, and makeup workshops both for pros and for those who just want to learn how to do it for themselves.

I want to translate my love for teaching and sharing what I know online, so I’m committing to making bi-weekly blog posts, ranging from makeup to skincare to wellness. Over in Facebook and Instagram, I’m committing to more intentional posts every other day, and hopefully I get to engage with all of you in a more meaningful way. It’ll be as real as it gets!

It’s all overwhelming for me at this point but I’m treating it as a learning process--so, please be easy on me! This is definitely a huge step outside of my comfort zone that I’m willing to take if it means better engagement with my friends, clients, and students, and if it ends up creating a community of beauty enthusiasts who are obsessed with all things beauty and wellness.

Sorry though, I don’t think I will ever get the hang of Twitter, and still no Tinder, but other than those, we’re going all out!

So I’m asking again, how can I help? :)