Japan 2017 Haul: My 9 Must-Buy Beauty Products

I recently went to Japan for my birthday and more than anything, I was looking forward to eating good food plus shopping for some must-have Japanese skincare and makeup products.

A trip to Japan really isn’t complete without a skincare/makeup haul but instead of simply hoarding, I made sure to get only what came highly recommended to me by friends and restock some of my all-time favorites!

My 10-Step Skin Care Routine

Ever since I’ve read Charlotte Cho’s Little Book of Skin Care, I got hooked on the Korean way of taking care of my skin. In all honesty, even if I’m a makeup artist, I’m more into skin care than makeup.

It never fails that whenever I tell some girls about the very elaborate Korean skincare system, they become horrified upon knowing all of the steps involved in cleaning and prepping my skin. It is understandably overwhelming at first, but it’s become something I always look forward to doing, especially at night!

How I Started As A Makeup Artist

One of the questions that people always ask me is “how did you get started with makeup?”

I didn’t think of makeup artistry as a viable career for me at first. I didn’t know anyone personally who’s a makeup artist, so it never crossed my mind. After getting my degree in Business Management, I went the usual corporate route and did marketing work for 2 years. It was also during that time where my younger sister Sasa, frustrated with how salons do her makeup so unnaturally and thickly, always asked me to do her makeup for her special events. Her friends soon followed. While I was doing debut makeup for her friend with the few personal makeup and brushes I have, I had a lightbulb moment. What if I study how to do this properly?

My Top 5 Pro Hacks to Make Your Bridal Makeup Last Longer

If there’s one instance in your life when you need your makeup to just stay fresh and flawless all the way through, it has to be on your wedding day! Believe it or not, all you really need to keep in mind are a few key steps in making sure that your bridal look stays put even until the after-party.

So regardless whether you’re having your bridal makeup done professionally or DIY, I highly recommend that you take note of my 5 tried and tested pro hacks to make your look last longer.

What Goes On In My Personal Makeup Workshops

A lot of people who inquire about my personal makeup workshops ask me what goes on in those 4-5 hours. I do understand the need to know what you’re getting into beforehand, so I’m walking you through what happens during my personal makeup workshops--and answering some frequently asked questions along the way!

For The Love of Makeup and Teaching

I never imagined I’d be able to combine my love for makeup and passion for teaching but here I am, about to have my fourth run of personal makeup workshops this October and November.

At first, I wasn’t actively pursuing teaching about makeup application since I was fairly new to the industry as well. How my makeup workshops came to be stemmed from several opportunities that were presented to me and to which I said a big “YES!” to.

That's What They Said

It never fails to make me giddy whenever I receive messages from my previous students from my personal makeup workshops. Sometimes I’d get random messages saying how they remembered this specific makeup technique and how they used it to do makeup on themselves and some simply send in thank you messages because they finally feel more confident in putting on makeup.

Let me share some of the messages I received from my students, completely unedited and unfiltered!


From Namascray to Namaslaying All Over Again

I started doing yoga because of lower back pain issues. After my medical exam for my very first job in 2006, I found out I have scoliosis. This surprised me, because up until that point, I’ve been physically active most of my life.

After about a month of regular classes and being stretched and strengthened to the core, I noticed that my lower back pain slowly disappeared. My love for movement and fitness was rekindled in yoga. Moreover, I noticed that I have more energy and it greatly helped me focus, which led me to produce better makeup work. Needless to say, I was hooked.

My Top 5 Make Up For Ever Must Haves

Y’all know I love me my Make Up For Ever. It’s known for its topnotch quality, that’s why pro makeup artists and makeup junkies all over the world are obsessed with it.

A lot of girls though have mentioned to me that they’re intimidated with Make Up For Ever, thinking that it’s mostly for pros. A lot are also overwhelmed with the choice of shades and products. So to help you all out, here are my top 5 picks from the brand’s vast collection. You can start with these. I’m throwing in extra tips for the pros too. Share this to those who you think needs it!

FAQs On Airbrush Makeup

I’m a big, big fan of airbrush makeup. I always say that I’m so lucky to be a makeup artist at a time when airbrush makeup is mainstream already and not something so special and hard to acquire anymore.

That being said, I still have a lot of clients who are hesitant to try it. Some previously had bad experiences with it with other makeup artists, and some were simply misinformed. So here’s a quick rundown of some frequently asked questions on airbrush makeup, and my answers to them.